About Providing Emotional Support for Children under the Jurisdiction of Dependency Court

With Gratitude:

Comfort for Court Kids®, Inc. is grateful to the following for their help in making a positive effort to help the children who are
under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Dependency Division of the Superior Court, State of California, County of Los Angeles:

The Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court and the Supervising Judge of the Dependency Courts

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles

The Department of Children and Family Services of Los Angeles County

To the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, to the Sergeant at the Children's Court, to all of the Deputies and Security Personnel at the Children's Court who make the Teddy Bear Program a reality.

The Custodial Crew of the Edmund D. Edelman Children's Courthouse

The Foundations, Bar Associations, Attorneys and Individuals who have all helped financially since 1991

To each and every Member of the Board whose help has been priceless...

To the Teddy Bear ... a universal symbol of love and affection...

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